Wellness Reset


Are you ready to conquer yourself?


So often we have dreams and desires that we never act on or fulfill because we allow our thoughts to stop us. We then live a mediocre life wishing we were someone else.


Today is the day to conquer yourself. Today is the day that the same old same old is no longer your life. Today you chose to life out the life you were created to live.


In this 28-day program focuses on 

  • Renewing your Mind
    • Overcoming those negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that will propel you forward
  • Energize your Body
    • Removing the toxins inside you and eliminating cravings for processed foods
  • Bring Joy to Your Soul
    • Instead of experiencing random bursts of joy learn to live in a state of joy, peace and happiness


Through this program you will learn how to achieve your wellness goals and live the type of life you want. This program is going to provide you the tools and experience to enable you to stay focused on your goal no matter what curve balls life throws at you.


There will be weekly tasks and challenges to keep you on inspired, motivated and allow you to grow on your wellness journey. I will also host weekly viral calls to help you stay focused on your journey. I will answer your questions and share my wellness experiences.


What's included

  • 2 One on One Coaching
    • When you begin your Wellness Reset Journey we will go over your goals and desires. I will help you define your plan of action and fill out your Wellness Journal.
    • Halfway through the program we will meet again to go over your progress.
  • Transition 101
    • This guide will prepare you for your journey. It will prepare you for what is to come as well as provide you with tips to overcome challenges during your journey.
  • Cleansing 101
    • We must first clean before we can build. This guide assists you in cleansing your mind, body and soul of toxic build up, outdate beliefs and unuseful ideas.
  • Cookbook and How to Meal Prep
    • Preparation is Key! How to properly prepare is covered in Transition 101 however food has a special hold on the mind and body, which is why Meal Prep is so important. Learn how to make a variety of dishes using the cookbook as well as how to store the meals so they will last.
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Challenges
    • Every day you will receive an email from me motivating you to keep going but more importantly giving you a task for the day to train your mind that you are living a new life. Each week will have a theme and each day will have a task associated with that theme.
  • Journal
    • The Wellness journal will assist you on your journey and keeping you on track with your goal. It will prompt you to dig deeper into yourself while also allowing you to purge your thoughts, emotions and feeling on a daily basis.
  • Unlimited Email Support
    • Email me for support throughout your journey.
  • Weekly Viral Calls
    • Each week I will host a 1-hour call where we will discuss the program, provide support and answer any question you have.
  • Refunds

    A refund minus a 20% processing fee is given prior to the shipment of your order. 

    Once your has been shipped no refunds or exchanges will be granted.