Seasonal Temple Cleanse


Every Season it is best to prepare the body for the upcoming changes in weather. As light beings our body reacts to placement and position of the sun.


At the beginning of each season prepare your body by performing a 21-day Temple Cleanse. This will remove toxic build up from the food you eat, your environment as well cleanse your thoughts and actions. 


Before the Cleanse begins we talk about you. Your wellness goals and what you hope to achive from this cleanse. Together we create a plan to make this cleanse purposeful and beneficial.


What's Included? 

  • Wellness Products
    • Mineral Toothpaste
    • Sea Moss Gel Infused with Herbs
    • Parasite Tincture
    • Diatomaceous Earth
    • Daily Tincture
  • Daily Journal
  • Customized Affirmation
  • Daily Mantras
  • Sample Daily Calendar
  • Daily Stretches
  • Seasonal Temple Cleanse Recipe Book
    • Juices
    • Smoothies
    • Teas
    • Raw Meals
  • How to Break The Fast Guide with Recipes
  • Unlimited Text Support
  • Weekly Calls