Seasonal Temple Cleanse


Every Season it is best to prepare the body for the upcoming changes in weather. As light beings our body reacts to the placement and position of the sun.


At the beginning of each season prepare your body by performing a 21-day Temple Cleanse. This will remove toxic build up from the food you eat, your environment as well cleanse your thoughts and actions.


This is 21 days of preparing your body... not starving your body. You will begin to eat foods that grow in the season giving your body the most nutrient based foods. You will also perform a liquid cleanse to allow your body to purge the toxins accumulated from previous years and seasons. You will end the cleanse with consuming more seasonal foods in both raw and cooked form. Throughout the 21 days using the wellness journal and affirmations you will focus on purging the mind of thoughts that do not bring you peace and joy.


You will not be alone during the cleanse. I will be doing it with you and hosting weekly group calls to provide support as well as answer any questions you may have. There will also be unlimited email support just encase an immediate answer is needed or you do not want to ask your question in front of other people.


What's Included?

  • Cleansing 101
    • Everything you need to know about cleansing. Includes how to properly cleanse your temple as well as how to break the cleanse.
  • Wellness Products
    • Mineral Toothpaste, Parasite and Daily Tinctures, 4oz of Sea Moss
  • Daily Journal
    • The Wellness Journal will assist you on your journey and keep you accountable to yourself.
  • Wellness Affirmation and Daily Mantras
    • This cleanse takes dedication. Programing your mind will make the cleanse easier to follow as well as magnify the results.
  • Daily Calendar
    • This will be a guide to follow while on your cleanse telling when to eat, perform stretches and affirmations.
  • Seasonal Temple Cleanse Recipe Book
    • Includes cooked and raw recipes, juices and smoothies, a sample weekly meal prep menu
  • Unlimited Email Support
    • Email me for support throughout your cleanse.
  • Weekly Viral Calls
    • Each week I will host a 1-hour call where we will discuss the cleanse, provide support to each other and I will answer any question you have.
  • Refunds

    A refund minus a 20% processing fee is given prior to the shipment of your order. 

    Once your has been shipped no refunds or exchanges will be granted.