Wellness Reset


Through this program you will learn how to achieve your wellness goals and live the type of life you want. This program covers the mind, body and soul. As we know we need address and align all aspects of life in order to ensure the goal is reached.


What's included

  • 2 One on One Coaching

Once you first commit to the transition we will go over your goals and desires and create a plan of attack. During the program we will meet 2 more times to go over your progress and work through any blockages you may be experiencing. 

  • Customized Affirmation

After our initial conversation I will create a customized affirmation for you to use during your journey.

  • Transition 101

Goes over how to make any transition in life. There are may ways to transition and this guide not only covers but but shows you how to sucessfully move into the next phase of your life. 

  • Cleansing 101

We must first clean before we can build. This guide assists you in cleansing your mind body and soul of toxic build up, outdate beliefs and unuseful ideas. 

  • How to Meal Prep

Preperation is Key! How to properly prepare is covered in Transition 101 however food has a special hold on the mind and body, which is why Meal Prep is so important. Learn how to make a variety of dishes using the same ingredients plus how to store the meals so they will last. 

  • Food Shopping

Either virally or in person I go food shopping with you. We start in your home where we go through you pantry, cabinets and refigerator. We talk about food and why you have chosen to consume the foods you have. Together we go to the supermarket and walk through the aisles discussing the ingredeints in the foods. 

This is in no way an exercise to bring you down but rather uplift and empower you to realize the barriers you are currently facing that is keeping you in your current life. 

  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Challenges

Everyday you will recieve an email from me motivating you to keep going but more importantly giving you a task for the day to train your mind that you are living a new life. Each week will have a theme and each day will have a task associated ith that theme.

  • Daily Journal

This journal will assist you on your journey and keeping you on track with your goal. It will prompt you to dig deeper into yourself while also allowing you to purge your thoughts, emotions and feeling on a daily basis. 

  • Wellness Products

You will recieve a wellness started kit filled with a bunch of goodies to get you started on your journey. After our consultation I create your wellness product package so they vary per person. 

  • Cookbook

This cookbook includes raw and cooked vegan recipes to assist you in the different phases of this program as well as on your continues Journey. 

  • Sample Calendar

Weve created a mock calendar for you to get an idea how to incorporate your healthy habits to create your new lifestyle. We have also added blank weekly calendars into your daily journal.


I have designed this to be a 28 Day program however I am giving you all the tools to continue even after the program finishes. You can continue to use the guides and resources to motivate and elevate you the new and imporved lifestyle you are dreaming about.