Cooking Class

Cooking Begins Before You Enter the Kitchen.

It Begins Where You Buy Your Ingredients.

During our class we will shop for the ingredients together. We will discuss produce and when is the best time to eat it. We will read food lables, understanding the ingredients are and what they do to the body.

Now We Begin to Cook! 

In your home we will prepare 2 plant based dishes. We will begin by cleaning the produce and end with you plating your dish.  

You can decide to keep this as a one on one class or invite up to 4 friends and family members as we food shop and 10 friends and family members to our cooking class.  

Keep on Cooking!

You will recieve a copy of my cookbook to inspire you to create even more dishes. 


This Class is Ideal For People Looking to Transition to a Vegan Diet or to Eat Healthier. 



Half day event, about 5-7 hours. Cost of food not included.

One on One or Group Class Is The Same Price.