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to inspire and motivate your staff, students, members and patients. 

As a vegan chef and wellness coach I undertsand the importance of inspiration. Everyone wants to be healthy.

No one says "Yay! I love being sick and taking medication!"

Living in today's society where conveneince is everywhere staying inspired to maintain a health driven lifestyle can be challenging. This is where I come in. Using my own life experience as well as the knowledge gained working with my clients, I will show you how making small and impactful changes to your lifestyle will keep you inspired and motivated to maintian your health. 

Speaking Topics

  • It's Not Cheating If It's Accounted For

Learn to live the 80/20 lifestyle with ease

  • Womb Wellness

Not just for making babies

  • Vegan Is Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

The right and wrong way to go healthy

$150 Per Hour​​


  • Food

Quick, easy and tasty recipes designed to inspire you to create on you own.

  • Skin Care

Body Scrubs, Face Masks, Foot Soaks and so much more. Using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. 

$200 Per Hour

Includes supplies and samples for up to 25 people

Hands On Demos

Attendees participate in a fun, educational and interactive workshop.

All participants will be able to keep thier creation as well as have the recipe

to create again and again.

At time of booking you decide if you would like your participants to create a skin care product or food dish for thier workshop.


Up To 25 Participants.

Price includes all supplies.

Up to 2 hours.


Up To 50 Participants.

Price includes all supplies.

Up to 3 hours.


Up To 100 Participants.

Price includes all supplies.

Up to 4 hours.