Some years ago I realized that I was living an unfulfilled life. I was making the most of every situation but I knew where I was, wasn't where I wanted to be forever. I just had no idea how to make the transition. I kept doing what I knew how to do, all the while saying, I needed a change. Then boom, change came but not how I was expecting it. The life I knew and all my comforts were gone. I became a single mother and lost my job.


I didn’t realize it then but food became my comfort. I gained so much weight that I became sluggish and was always tired.


I was becoming a different person but not in a good way. I prayed to our Creator for guidance, clarity and wisdom. I literally asked Him to "show me the way." What He showed me I was not expecting. My eyes were opened and there was no way of shutting them.


Not only did I learn how to eliminate dis-eases from the body by using food. I also learned how to harness the power I had inside of me. This allowed me to discover my life’s purpose.


I am now a Wellness Lifestyle Expert and Coach assisting people in harnessing their power. Through CLR trust I will help YOU achieve your life's purpose!​

Cathy Ramos

Founder of CLR trust

Wellness Lifestyle Expert

I created CLR trust because I believe that each person is created for a purpose. That YOU are on this earth for a reason. 
My mission is to help you achieve your given potential. To work with you, to take your struggles and turn them into life lessons; to turn every hardship into a positive learning experience. I do not want you to repeat your mistakes. Instead use them to improve on your quality of life.

My method is the TRANSITION. Using my Coaching Programs, Wellness Product Line, Do It Yourself Programs and Healthy Eating, you will learn how to control every aspect of your life. By making small but constant changes to your current lifestyle you will transition from who you are to who you are meant to be. You will become confident in your skills, talents and knowledge allowing you to harness the power you were born with and use it for your benefit and happiness. 

I believe you can achieve your greatness!

Let’s do it together!