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All the treasures of the earth are meaningless unless you have your health to enjoy them. For this reason I have created the Creations by CLR trust product line to assist you on your wellness journey. 

Creations by CLR trust is 100% non toxic and made using ingredients found in nature. I will never use any man or lab made preservatives and additives. Products are packaged in eco friendly and recyclable materials.

All products are created to assist your body in what it was created to do; heal, repair and maintain. Creations by CLR trust can be used both internally and externally. After all, your skin is a direct reflection of what your insides look like. 


Herbal Teas

Herbal Capsules

Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tinctures


Bamboo Toothbrushes

Ocean Fresh Sea Moss

Herbal Infused Sea Moss Gels

Sea Moss Herbal Bath

Herbal Infused Sea Moss Water

Bamboo Straws

Body Masks

Diatomaceous Earth

DIY Wellness Programs